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The Institute for the Harmonious Development of Human Being is a Non Profit, Nongovernmental Organization, A civil association (IDEASH, A.C., in Spanish: Instituto para el Desarrollo Armonico del Ser Humano, A.C.)

1. IDEASH Transmits the Teachings of Spiritual Awakening of Consciousness, Impartiality and Objective Reason. With the aim to show to the students the way to be absolutely happy, to be understanding, to be loving and to live full of Inner Peace. Besides being able to use these faculties for achieving and developing the necessary and vital Financial Freedom, to have and enjoy all the things that our planetary body needs.

2. IDEASH Teaches how to train children, adolescents and adults in the prevention of addiction, through lectures, conferences, seminars, workshops, tours, hiking, camping and continuous events.

3. IDEASH Leads the way to form self-help groups which by using and practicing the teachings of spiritual awakening helps the participants to get rid of the addictions that prevent them from achieving their goals of Happiness, Wealth, Love and Inner Peace.

4. IDEASH Trains women who want to learn to manage painless childbirth and water birth using this as a way for a more natural nonviolent birth.

5. IDEASH Shows the participants our Scientific System to achieve financial freedom in a short time. IDEASH is working at the same time, in helping the participants through our sponsors and with their own contributions, to generate a constant monthly income, which leads to the acquisition of their financial freedom.

6. IDEASH Grants the participants the use and enjoyment of the computer techniques within our power to develop their own products and talents in the various social networks through virtual conference rooms, virtual psychotherapy rooms.

7. IDEASH Shares among the participants, all the different network marketing tools to promote with emailing campaigns and auto responders, their own products and talents.


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